Fukuoka Tower

Japan’s tallest seaside observation tower, at a height of 234m

A 360 degree panoramic view can be enjoyed from the observation lounge at the top floor. The blue sky and sea, and the city of Fukuoka spreads out below, and it is a place where you can enjoy a different view depending on whether it is day or night.
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Saturday ( 9:30 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
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Weekdays ( 9:30 AM ~ 10:0 PM )

[close] 2 days a year (not fixed)
Adult: 800 YEN
Children: 500 YEN
福岡タワー, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
(092) 823-0234


A grand panorama where you can get the full view of Hakata Bay and the streets of Hakata

Fukuoka Tower is the tallest seaside tower in Japan at a height of 234m. Standing right by the shore, its sharp triangular exterior covered in 8000 half-mirrors make for a symbolic presence in Fukuoka. From the highest observation point at 123m above ground, there is a 360-degree grand panorama which spreads out with the streets of Fukuoka to the east including Hakata Station and Tenjin, the yacht harbor and the waterfront of Kaihin Park to the west, the lush green Sefuri Mountains to the south and to the north, there is Hakata Bay, Nokonoshima Island and Umi no Nakamichi. The horizon that seems to meld together the blue sky and the blue sea can only be seen at this seaside tower. The best time is the magic hour of sunset. As you see the sun sinking below, you can enjoy the wondrous scene of the car lights on the city highways and the beautiful nightscape of buildings.

The popular dating spot for lovers

Also known as the ideal spot for couples, there are popular areas such as the glass benches from where you can view the nightscape, the Lovers’ Compass in the center which is said to send any wishes and desires in the direction of the person you like, and a fence where you can attach a heart-shaped lock for eternal love. Also at the sky restaurant up at the 120m point known as Refuge, you can enjoy lunch and dinner within a glass-enclosed area, coffee and light snacks, and even a full-course dinner provided reservations are made up to the day before. Also, there are plenty of indoor facilities such as shops, a portrait corner and a commemorative photo service. And every year on May 3-5 and on Sports Day in October, there is a climb of the tower’s 577 stairs. Plus, throughout the year after sunset, the tower is illuminated in various ways depending on the season.

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9 years ago
Nice tower by the seaside
You will be greeted and made to feel most welcome as you ascend the 108 meter shaft. "The lift takes seventy seconds. The tower is 234 meters tall. The viewing platform stands at 123 meters. The tower has been built to withstand magnitude 7 earthquakes," the attendant will tell you with a smile as you take the seventy second ride to the top floor. The view of Fukuoka City is wonderful, and in the distance you can see Hakata Bay, in the opposite direction you can enjoy views of the Sefuri Mountains. At night the tower is illuminated, and these colours change with each season.
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