Ohana Shoto-en Garden

Built as a villa for the feudal lord of Yanagawa, the architecture representing the area combines Japanese and Western styles

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A famous building and garden which have been carefully preserved as a villa, a guest residence for VIPs and a restaurant inn, thanks to the efforts of the head and members of the Tachibana family. Still beloved by the people of Yanagawa, it is one of the premier tourist spots in the area.
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Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Adult: 500 JPY
Children: 300 JPY

※The above prices include entry into Shoto-en Garden, Ohiroma great hall, Seiyokan Annex, Tachibana Museum and Restaurant Taigetsukan
1 Shinhokamachi, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka
(0944) 73-2189

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Ohana and its 400 years of history

In 1738, the 5th feudal lord of Yanagawa, Sadayoshi Tachibana, built a villa in this region which was once called Ohanabatake. Since that time, local citizens have come to admire the area which came to be called Ohana. In 1909, Kanji Tachibana, the 14th lord, completed the residence which includes Western and Japanese buildings as a guest house for VIPs. Following the war, the Tachibana family made use of the former residence to operate the restaurant inn of Ohana, and the riverside district in Yanagawa has become a main tourist spot in the area.

The restaurant inn has continued to be admired as a cultural property

The garden, Shoto-en, which is faced by the 100-tatami mat Japanese-style Ohiroma great hall and the living room, is a Japanese-style garden that was built to resemble Matsushima, one of the Three Views of Japan, and is currently nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty, elegantly established with 280 black pines, 1500 garden stones and 14 stone lanterns centering around a pond. It is a decorative garden that is enjoyed for its panoramic view from the tatami room. The 2-floor wooden Western-style Seiyokan Annex is used as a guest residence. In the foyer, there is a luxurious 3-arch structure embellished with profound and opulent decorations, and there are many features which have remained from those times such as imported lampshades. Currently, the Ohiroma great hall and the Seiyokan Annex are being used as wedding facilities, and Ohana is being operated as a restaurant inn. At the restaurant Shukeitei, you can dine on genuine kaiseki ryori and the local cuisine of delicacies from the Ariake Sea beginning with the specialty eel dishes of Yanagawa while viewing the famous Shoto-en, after which you can spend the night in Japanese or Western-style rooms in the hotel wing. Also, you can enjoy meals at Restaurant Taigetsukan and the Wisteria Coffee Shop. At the adjoining Tachibana Museum, the 400-year-old furnishings of the Tachibana family and the armor of the first lord among other exhibits are on display. Admission into the garden includes entry into Shoto-en, Ohiroma, the Seiyokan Annex, the Tachibana Museum as well as Restaurant Taigetsukan.

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