Ureshino Onsen

An “onsen”popular with women as one of the top 3 hot springs in Japan for beauty enhancing

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A hot springs town surrounded by nature with plenty of sightseeing spots to enjoy a relaxing stroll. Shopping for “Yoshidayaki” porcelain with a history of 400 years is just one of the enjoyable aspects of the area.
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Ureshinomachi Shimojuku, Ureshino-shi, Saga

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The onsen town perfect for wandering among the gathered sightseeing spots

Ureshino has flourished for its onsen accommodations since the 1800s. The silky waters of Ureshino Onsen come from a sodium bicarbonate spring rich in sodium. Sebum and skin secretions are emulsified and washed away leaving shiny and smooth skin which has made the town one of Japan’s top 3 places for beauty-enhancing water. But there are many other enjoyable places aside from the hot springs. At the Ninja Village Hizen Yume Kaido which recreates the Nagasaki Kaido road from the early Edo Era, the ninja houses and performances are popular. There is the Namazu Shrine within Toyotama-hime Shrine where a white catfish is enshrined as the divine messenger for Princess Toyotama. It is popular among women since the catfish is known to be lucky for beautiful skin. Zuiko-ji Temple is a place that was built 620 years ago and has a venerable history where a wooden statue of the Amida Nyorai created by the sculptor Unkei is enshrined. At Todoroki-no-Taki Park, there is a lovely 3-tiered waterfall which is 11 meters in height. If you are tired, take a break at Siebolds Foot Bath. The promenade which spans 2 km in total along the Ureshino River has beautiful cherry trees in spring, and in the fall, the area is painted in the colors of the season which makes it the ideal walking path. And at Hizen Yoshida Ware Pottery, there are many workshops where you can obtain a rich selection of pottery.

The specialties of Ureshino tea and Ureshino onsen-yu dofu

Also known as a tea-growing region that boasts one of the nation’s largest amounts of production, there are tea shops and places that use tea in their food menus and sell souvenirs everywhere in the area. You will want to taste the refined hand-picked gyokuro tea and the pan-roasted tamaryoku tea, one of the original Japanese teas whose leaves are directly roasted at a temperature of 400 degrees C. As well, the Ureshino specialty of onsen-yu dofu (hot spring water tofu) which has been gently stewed in the waters of the Ureshino hot springs is food that is also easy on the body. This can be tasted at any restaurant and Japanese inn.

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