Miyajidake Shrine

From the shrine which has the nation’s largest shimenawa sacred rope weighing 5 tonnes, the sando path to the shrine extends straight to the sea

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Possessing a giant shimenawa rope, a giant drum and a giant bell each of which is the largest in the country, Miyajidake has large grounds with plenty of sights to see such as a huge stone burial mound, old Japanese-style houses brought in from all over the country and 8 inner shrines.
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Miyajidake Shrine which possesses “The Three No. 1s” in Japan

Miyajidake Shrine has a head shrine which was built about 1600 years ago to represent the entire nation. The shrine itself is known as one to provide business prosperity and good luck. The sando path in front of the shrine extends in a straight line all the way to the ocean, and there is a torii gate which has the seashore and the mountains on either side of it. Within the shrine grounds, there are “The Three No. 1s” of Japan which include the largest shimenawa sacred rope which is 2.5m in diameter, 13.5m in length and weighs 5 tonnes; it acts as the symbol for the shrine. The shimenawa, which was woven from the straw of the rice cultivated in the shrine’s field, is replaced once every 3 years. The second No. 1 is the giant drum which boasts a diameter of 2.2m and is made of materials that were all provided domestically including raw cypress wood and the hide of Wagyu cows. The drum is hit every year at midnight on New Year’s Day, and the sound is that produced can be heard for kilometers. Finally, the third No. 1 is the giant copper bell that weighs 450kg and has been enshrined together with the drum.

A historic shrine located in the sacred place of a dynasty in northern Kyushu

Within the huge grounds of the shrine, there is a huge stone burial mound with a horizontal chamber which is the largest of its kind in Japan that was built at the end of the 6th century. The total length of the chamber is 23 meters with the height and width each exceeding 5 meters. 300 items have been discovered including a gilt bronze crown, swords, golden artifacts and jewelry, and it is believed that the ruler of northern Kyushu is enshrined. Associated with this is the current roof of the honden main hall which has been remade into a roof of gold. Also, in the natural garden of the residence village, distinctive old Japanese houses that have been brought over from all over the country and restored can be toured such as houses with steep rafter roofs, two-section homes, and houses built in an L-shape. Finally, in the back of the main hall, there are 8 inner shrines including Inari Shrine, Fudou Shrine and Yakushi Shrine for which if you are go around all 8 of them, it is said that your biggest wishes will be answered.

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