The huge column shaped cliffs that spread out below you is an example of a world class view

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The picturesque scenery of these strange massive rocks along the coastline is a wonderful natural sight created from ancient volcanoes and centuries of erosion by the sea. Explore these valuable precipices that are said to be only one of three such sights in the world.
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Basaltic cliffs that are Natural Monuments

The picturesque Tōjinbō which is located within Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park is a series of large and attractive columnar cliffs. Created from volcanic activity 13 million years ago, strangely-shaped rocks were carved out from the rough waves of the Sea of Japan and countless huge columns rose up to make this astounding landscape of dynamic beauty. This extremely valuable topography is one of just three examples in the world of the geological feature known as columnar joints.  

The legend of the monk, Tōjinbō

Long ago, there was an extremely antisocial monk by the name of Tōjinbō who was disliked by the townspeople. One day, Tōjinbō fell in love with a princess although another monk ferociously rivaled him for her love. The other monks who could no longer tolerate Tōjinbō’s evil ways called him to the cliffs and got him drunk before tossing him into the sea. However, Tōjinbō dragged the other monks including his rival into the sea with him. This legend gave rise to the name of Tōjinbō for the cliffs.

Enjoying Tōjinbō even more actively

The magnificent cliffs that spread out below aren’t just meant to be viewed but also to be climbed down so that its grandeur can also be enjoyed from the bottom. Also, there are tourist excursion ships in operation for 30-minute cruises. There’s a great chance for that wonderful view, and that special scenery as seen from a ship is lovely. In the surrounding area, you will want to visit the little island of Oshima which is to the north of Tōjinbō. A deserted island that is called “The Nation of the Gods”, there is a vermilion bridge that joins the mainland with the island so that a mysterious landscape is created. As well, on the Araiso Nature Trail which begins in Komegawaki, you can enjoy a picturesque walk along the 4 kilometers of cliffs through Tōjinbō.

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