When you’re visiting Akita to see the famous Nebuta, you should also go visit some of their hot springs. Below are the top 8 hot springs in Akita.

Some are very difficult to get to without a car, but others are easily accessible using the trains and a taxi. The beauty of these hot springs hidden in the mountains of Akita makes the effort to get there well worthwhile.


Oyu Hot Springs 

Oyu Hot Springs has a history of 800 years. Since ancient times, it was known as one of the 5 best hot springs in the Nambu domain. Hotel Kazuno is the main hotel in this area.

Address Towada Oyu, Kazuno-shi, Akita
Directions 12 min. by taxi from Towada Minami station on the JR Hanawa Line
Website http://www.h-kazuno.co.jp/sp/en/


Mizusawa Hot Springs Village 

You can see Lake Tazawako from this hot springs village as it is the nearest hot springs on the Tazawako Plateau. There are many hotels, Japanese style inns, and unique guest houses, and you can enjoy skiing in the area as well.

Address Shimotakanao, Obonai, Tazawako
Directions 25 min. by bus (bound for Nyuto hot springs) from JR Tazawako Station
Website http://www.city.semboku.akita.jp/en/sightseeing/spot/03_mizusawa.html


Doroyu Hot Springs 

A secluded hot springs in the upper region of the Takamatsugawa River. The water is a murky gray, thus the name “doroyu” or muddy hot springs. Located in the serene mountains, it is popular for its quaint atmosphere.

Address Doroyuzawa, Takamatsu, Yuzawa-shi, Akita
Directions 1h 20min. by share taxi from JR Yuzawa station (JR Ou Main line) . You need to register with the Yuzawa city hall and make a reservation with the taxi company to use the share taxi. See details here http://www.city-yuzawa.jp/roadriver01/385.html (Japanese only)
Website http://www.nihon-kankou.or.jp.e.wp.hp.transer.com/akita/052078/detail/05207cd2110076431


Natsuse Hot Springs 

There is only one “Ryokan” or Japanese style inn in Natsuse hot springs. This is a great place to stay to relax in luxury. Most of the rooms have their own private bath with a spectacular view of the lake.

Address 84 Natsuse,Sotsuda,Tazawako,Senboku-shi, Akita
Directions 30 min. by taxi from JR Tazawako Station or JR Kakunodate Station
Website http://beauty-of-japan.com/article/miyakowasure-ryokan-natsuse-onsen-akita/


Oyasukyo Hot Springs 

Oyasukyo Hot Springs was already a popular “onsen” in the Edo era. The sight of the boiling hot vapor rising up from the valley where the Minasegawa River flows.

Address Minase, Yuzawa-shi, Akita
Directions From JR Yuzawa Station (JR Ou Main Line) go to theYuzawa Eigyosho Bus Terminal. Take the Ugo Kotsu Bus to Daifunto-Iriguchi bus stop (55 min)
Website https://www.akitafan.com/en/archive/tourism/797


Nyuto Onsen Village

Relax in an idyllic onsen village, surrounded by a primeval Japanese beech forest
More information

Business Hours Weekdays ( 09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM )

Differs depending on the onsen
Price Day-trip visits to the onsen (please refer to the website for accommodations)
Tsurunoyu 510 yen *For day trips, the open-air bath cannot be used on Mondays
Taenoyu 720 yen
Kuroyu Onsen 510 yen
Ganiba Onsen 510 yen
Magoroku Onsen 510 yen
Website http://ryokan.glocal-promotion.com/

Tamagawa Onsen

A prominent “onsen” known in Japan for the effective treatment of ailments due to the high acidity of its waters
More information

Business Hours Everyday ( 08:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM )

Day-trip onsen 8:00am-5:00pm
Price Day-trip onsen: Adults 600 yen, Children 300 yen
Address Tamagawa Hotspring See map
Telephone 0187-58-3000
Website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamagawa_Hot_Spring

Fuke-no-Yu Onsen

This remote hot springs in the middle of nature is exceptional
More information

Business Hours Weekdays ( 09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM )

Day-trip usage 8:30am-5pm

Closed in winter (from November to mid-April)
Price Day trips
Adults 600 yen
Children 300 yen
Address ふけの湯温泉 Hachimantai, Oga, Akita See map
Telephone 0186-31-2131

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