Sensuijima Island ( 仙酔島 )

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A power spot in Setonaikai National Park, the first park to be so designated as a national park in Japan

An island 6km in circumference symbolizing the scenic beauty of the town of Tomo-no-Ura, where you can find a natural treasure box with phenomena such as the Goshikiiwa (Five-Colored Rocks) and sea fireflies. There are also plenty of leisure facilities on the island such as accommodations, a campground and a swimming beach.

A mystery island with nature that has not been touched by Man

It takes 5 minutes by ferry from Tomo-no-Ura. Located in the middle of Setonaikai National Park, the first of its kind in Japan, Sensuijima Island has nature that has not been touched by Man. Aside from the 2 hotels, there is no one else living on the island, and once the final ferry leaves at 9:35 pm, Sensuijima takes on the appearance of a genuine deserted island. It is the habitat of sea fireflies and their blue glow in the water gives that impression of a mysterious island. Between June and September, there are sea firefly tours held at night.

Goshikiiwa, Sensuijima’s power spot

With only 55 sites in the world, Goshikiiwa is the only such site in Japan, located on Sensuijima. Rocks that are colored in blue, red, yellow, white and black continue for up to 1km on the shore going into the island. Called as the place where the spirit of Heaven has gathered, magma from the earth rose up long ago to create a high area of land protruding from the ground. With 4 hiking trails including courses for Senningaoka Observation Point which has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Sunsets in Japan, and Goshikiiwa, you can take a walk on the island as you like.

Plenty of leisure activities such as onsen, the outdoors and interactive events

At the island hotel, Kokokara, there is a sauna in a cave that has recreated the baths from the Edo Era and has become one of the most famous things on the island. There are various open-air baths which include 3 kinds of plants: seaweed, mugwort and loquat leaves, and to get the full effect of an Edo bath, you have to soak for at least an hour. Restricted to people of middle school age and above, the detox effect makes it especially popular with women. Along with a campground and a swimming beach, the whole family can enjoy the island with many participatory events such as the Shio Kobo which has been selected for the Top 100 Salts in Japan where you can take part in salt-making and pottery.

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Business hours
  • Everyday 
 ( 7:30 AM ~ 9:30 PM )
Operating times of ferry: AM7:10~PM9:35
Address Sensuijima, 3373 Tomocho Ushiroji Fukuyama-shi,Hiroshima
Telephone 084-982-3200


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