Senko-ji Temple (Senko-ji Park) ( 千光寺(千光寺公園) )

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One of the many tourist spots in Onomichi that has made a number of the Top 100 lists in Japan

A temple and park that spans from the middle of Mt. Senko-ji to its summit. Naturally, there is the view, but there are also the cherry blossoms, night view, the sound of the bells and many other points that have put the area onto many Top 100 lists. The scenery is so superb that many artists have painted it.

Senko-ji Park selected as one of the Top 100 Places for Cherry Blossoms

Senko-ji Park is located on the north side of Onomichi Station, and spans from the middle of Mt. Senko-ji to the summit of the mountain at 144.2m. In spring, 1500 cherry trees bloom all at once, and the entire park is enveloped in pink flowers. The park has been selected as one of the Top 100 Places for Cherry Blossoms in Japan. The town with its old houses that can be seen from the observation point and the intricate scenery of the island silhouette are things that can only be viewed at the Seto Inland Sea. With it being part of lists such as the Top 100 Scenes and the Top 100 Nightscapes, you will view it as a nostalgic landscape of Japan that has touched the hearts of many people.

Senko-ji Temple atop a sheer precipice

Senko-ji Temple is located in the heart of Senko-ji Park on top of a sheer precipice. The vermilion Main Hall which has also been called the Red Hall and the Bell Tower which was chosen as one of the Top 100 Japanese Soundscapes are symbols of the temple. Many large and strangely-shaped rocks exist within the temple grounds, and the huge Tama no Iwa (Ball Rock) that has a circumference of 50m and a height of 15m is famous for a legend that states that it once had a shining gem placed on it. Currently, another gem has been placed at the top of the rock, and when night falls, it glitters in 3 colors. There are also many other notable sites such as Kusariyama which is accessed by scaling a rock; Tsuzumiiwa, a rock which makes a hollow sound when tapped; and Iwawari-no-Matsu, another rock which has a giant root growing out of a huge crack in it.

Head for the observation point by ropeway

The observation point can be reached within 10 minutes on foot, but there is also a ropeway which can access the point. The ropeway climbs from the foot of Mt. Senko-ji to the summit within 3 minutes. From the ropeway, the scenery changes as you view the old city of Onomichi, the massive camphor trees of Ushitora Shrine that are Natural Monuments, the Three-Level Pagoda of Tenneiji Temple, Senko-ji Temple and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. On sunny days, you can see as far away as the island of Shikoku.

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Address Senkoji Temple, 15-1 Higashituchidocho Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima
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