“Romantic Ride”

4 years ago  /  by Jessica
We were so lucky to have the seats in No. 5 car without windows. It was so comfortable and relaxing riding on this cute and nostalgic train. You can enjoy the gentle breeze and the breath taking view of the Katsura River, blue sky, fluffy clouds, steep mountain, barren rocks, and layered trees. No wonder it is called Romantic Train. Passing the dark tunnels can also be fun. You can also say hi and take photos for those adorable big belly raccoon dogs along your way or at the terminal. My visit was in July, during then Kyoto was a bit hot and the sun was sizzling. It was a wise decision taking this train from Truck Arashiyama station to Truck Kameoka station, so we could be back to Kyoto Station from Umahori JR station fast and easily. Highly recommended to couples, families and kids.