“My favourite spot in Kyoto!”

4 years ago  /  by Justin
This is my favourite spot in Kyoto and every time I visit I am awestruck at the beauty of the place! Arashiyama has a variety of things to do, from trying out the local snacks to wandering vast gardens and bamboo forests - so its best to plan at least a half day here. Visiting in the autumn when the leaves change is particularly beautiful because the whole mountainside (and gardens) become a rich red and orange colour. My wife and I rented a boat for an hour on the southwest side of the bridge and it was a very romantic and peaceful row up the river. They even have little snack boats along the river where you can buy things like dango and ice cream! Apart from the scenic views, there are lost of restaurants and places to buy traditional goods and souvenirs. After walking around the area, you will probably be tired so I highly recommend you try the foot onsen near the randen train station. Here you can soak your feet in hot spring water and relax a bit before heading in to the city centre.