Top 6 Best Hot Springs in Yokohama

Even if you don’t have time to go on a trip from Tokyo to somewhere with authentic hot springs, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hot spring at all. There are many spas in Yokohama, using water from hot springs. So you can have the hot spring experience right here in the city, even if it’s a modern version of it. Find the 6  best hot springs to visit in the Yokohama area below.

1. Kohokunoyu

An onsen where you can enjoy natural hot spring water, which it is said to be the "beautiful skin water" from ancient times. It is a valued hot spring in Japan. You can also enjoy luxurious hot springs and bedrock hot springs.

Address 248 Orimotocho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
Directions 15 min. by taxi from JR Shin-Yokohama Station
Fees 900 yen/adults, 470 yen/children
Business hours From 10 AM (last reception until 00:00 AM)

2. Yokohama Manyo Club

Manyo-Club is committed to providing a unique and highly satisfying hotel-spa experience with rejuvenating natural hot springs water and a wide variety of quality spa services. The famous Urban Onsen concept is created and developed by the Manyo Club Group.

Address 2-7-1, Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Directions 5 min. walk from Minato Mirai Station (Minato Mirai line)
Fees 2,500 yen/adults, 940 yen - 1,400 yen/children according to age

3. Spa Libur Yokohama

Spa Libur believes that everyone should feel the root of relaxation of the hot springs with Balinese culture and tradition. Here you will find 5 concepts all in Bali style: the interior, scent, music, beauty, and food will all make you feel like you're in Bali.

Address 2-39-18 Soshigaya, Tsurumi-mu, Yokohama-shi
Directions By Shuttle Bus (hourly) from either JR Tsurumi Station East Exit or JR Kawasaki Station West Exit, or 15 min. by taxi from JR Shin-Yokohama Station
Fees 1,580 yen/adults, 790 yen/children


4. Yokohama Tennen Onsen Spa Eas

A place in the city, located only 5 min walk distance from Yokohama station. Here you can enjoy springs that drain from underground, three different bedrock baths, a relaxation space, spa treatments & body care using traditional techniques to refresh the mind and the body.

Address 4F Hama Bowl Eas Bldg. 2-2-1 Kita Saiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Directions 5 min. walk from Yokohama Station West Exit
Fees 2,990 yen/person


5. Raku Spa Tsurumi

In RAKU SPA Tsurumi there are 14 kinds of baths and saunas in the spacious hall, 6 kinds of bedrock baths, a BAR where you can enjoy beer from all over the world, home-made thin udon, and more.

Address 2-1-39 Motomiya, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Directions By Shuttle Bus (hourly) from either JR Tsurumi Station East Exit or JR Kawasaki Station West Exit or 5 min. by taxi from JR Shitte station
Fees 1,680 yen/adults, 500 yen/children


6. Tsunashima Yukemurinosato

Have your tried a hot springs bath with carbonated Amber water? What about Steam Salt Sauna? Here you can find these relaxing and healing facilities and try other various types of baths as well.

Address 3-7-61 Tarumachi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
Directions 10 min. by taxi from Tsunashima Station (Toyoko Line)
Fees 1,400 yen/adults, 1,100 yen/children


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