“This market sells everything!”

6 years ago  /  by Luke
Nishiki Market is an amazing place to sample some of the local foods of Kyoto. There are more than one hundred shops and restaurants here. They sell seasonal foods and Kyoto specialties; such as Japanese sweets, pickles, dried seafood, and sushi. I buy three different traditional Japanese snacks and try them for the first time. They are: Gobo Tamari Zuke, or pickled burdock root; marinated in sugar and soy sauce. A Matcha based snack that has the same texture as Turkish Delight, but is coated in a fine green tea flavoured powder instead of the usual icing sugar. And finally, some Japanese cake with soy beans that has been made for approximately 150 years using the same traditional manufacturing method. I am told by the packaging that, “One piece of one piece is the cracker which I baked carefully.” Amazing.

Nishiki Market