“Arrive early if you want to see some stars”

6 years ago  /  by Luke
The queue for the Nagoya City Science Museum spills from the door. Inside there is a snaked queue that runs eight rows deep. A screen on the wall tells me that every time slot for the world’s largest Planetarium have sold out, and it isn’t even 11am. A shame, this was probably my best chance of seeing stars in Japan. The museum also has a special exhibit on at the moment, the Dragon Ball ‘Science Event’, and this is most likely the reason for all of the queueing chaos Instead of Dragon Ball, I went along to the main exhibitions. So many hands-on activities can be found in the museum, that you would be a fool not to enjoy yourself. The highlight though for me was the Tornado Lab, and was a great distraction from my annoyance of missing a chance to see the Planetarium.

Nagoya City Science Museum