“Tsukiji Market, the culinary capital of Japan”

7 years ago  /  by Yoko
People say that there is no such a place on earth than Tsukiji Fish Market and this is maybe true. As a ‘culinary capital’ of Japan and is the biggest fish market on the entire planet, you will see countless seafood: from tuna fish to exotic shellfish as if in an aquarium, that you have no clue how to cook and how they taste like. While waiting in the long queue for fine sushi at the inner market, your excitement peaks but if you’re not lucky enough, alternatives are abound at the outer market, where sushi restaurants and retail stores lined up outside the inner market. You can also try some nice sweet omelet, along with skewed seafood or fruits. Yes, Tsukiji Market houses fruit & veg section, too. No doubt, the seafood is Tsukiji Market’s biggest attraction; however, what also catches visitors’ attention is the ramshackle inner market building, which doesn’t look like the real market but Hollywood film set. If you can wake up early in the morning, the tuna auction is worth seeing, since the market's relocation to a new site is in its calendar, happening sometime soon.

Tsukiji Fish Market