“Great park for a stroll and recreation”

8 years ago  /  by Luke
Ueno Park is home to numerous museums, temples, statues, art galleries, and a concert hall. As I wander through the park for the first time, I hear a crowd in the distance and decide to see what’s happening. Deeper into the park I walk, until I find the source of the noise; a baseball field. Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan, and a crowd of about forty people gather here to watch what is probably some amateurs practicing. After watching for about ten minutes, I decide to check out the Shinto shrine, Tōshō-gū to learn a little about Japanese history. I continue my walk, enjoying a pond, a statue of a frog, and a wander around Ueno Zoo where Giant pandas can be observed through very reflective glass. All in all, Ueno Park has a lot to offer, and hosts numerous events and festivals all year round. In spring, it becomes a popular spot to visit and enjoy cherry blossom viewing, and in winter, projection mapping and winter illuminations can be seen all around the park.

Ueno Park