“A must visit place during fall season. ”

4 years ago  /  by Michael
It was only the bridge that made this place really good as without it, you won't be able to see totally the vast valley that is full of maple trees. The whole area was swimming in reds and oranges. Not totally for those who have fear of heights, although it is only a bridge, the large number of people passing by here creates the rippling effect that moves the bridge left and right, although it is far from being in danger. From there, you can see how tall it is as there are numerous waterfalls emerging on the cliffs of the little mountains. The architectural design of the bridge is laudable, I often see this here in Japan. Very strong, stylish but still being able to maintain the simplicity of it. We went there by car from Beppu, cannot estimate exactly since we got lost somewhere but in less than two hours you can reach it. You can pass at the nearby places like Mount Aso or Kuju (the place of the best yogurt products in Kyushu) to make your trip worth it. Not sure how Kokonoe bridge looks like during spring since most of the trees there are of maple type so I think it is at its best during autumn. I would like to go back there on winter time, if the snow falls heavily I think that's one fascinating place!

Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi Bridge