“Nice museum. Great value for Monet!”

6 years ago  /  by Luke
The Museum of Western Art is the main museum of this kind in Japan, and has an emphasis on paintings; with a few sculptures thrown in for good measure. The museum is littered with macabre Baroque works; death and torture seem to be a popular theme here. Amongst the horror sits ‘The Last Supper’ painted by Marten de Vos, Vincent van Goth’s ‘Roses’, and a rather disappointing collection of Claude Monet paintings. Not one to truly appreciate art, I think that Monet’s work looks terrible up close. Especially ‘Water Lilies’, which I think looks plain awful. My favourite piece on display is Pablo Picasso’s ‘Couple’. Abstract expressionism has always been a preference of mine. I’ll take this over a bowl of fruit or a basket of flowers any day. Picasso painted this incredible piece at eighty-eight years old. Simply amazing. Despite my dislike toward Claude Monet, the museum is rather nice, clean, and has a nice mix of Western Art that can be enjoyed by all. I was also lucky enough to visit on a public holiday, where entry to the museum was free. So, as far as value for money goes, you can't get much better than free.

The National Museum of Western Art Tokyo