“Something for everyone”

7 years ago  /  by Alex
I have always maintained, that if there is something you want to buy, or a service you want. You can find it in Shinjuku. I believe this place is far too big for one article. But I digress. There is quite literally everything here, so I'm quite puzzled on how to review this place. You like food? Go to Shinjuku You like bars? Go to Shinjuku You like clubbing? Go to Shinjuku You like shopping? Go to Shinjuku You want er..."Other services"? Go to Shinjuku Kabukicho and Shinjuku 2-Chome are very interesting spots and I recommend both. Kabukicho is the red light district, but to me at-least feels rather safe (If you keep your wits about you) and is a very, very strange place. Shinjuku 2-chome is home to a plethora of gay/lesbian and transgender bars/clubs and establishments. Its also a very interesting area. I recommend this place too. Shinjuku is huge, ultra busy and crazy. But super fun. Check it ooouuuuttt!