“Ameyoko is a strange place”

8 years ago  /  by Alex
Ameyoko has a strange vibe about it. Nestled next to Ueno station, is a hoard of Pachinko parlors, clothing stores, jewelry kiosks, kebab stands, ramen joints, Izakaya's (Japanese pub) and various other stores. It can be very loud, chaotic and crazy. African men posing as African-American men may try to get you to buy "The latest fashion" which include energy drink T-shirts and other overly expensive silly things. Strange Japanese men in suits may try to lure you into "Massage" parlors, or may hold up pictures of girls while making strange gestures at you. Others may yell at you to buy kebabs. All in all there is a lot of yelling. Its a giant mish-mash of culture here in a strange Japanese way. Don't avoid it, just keep your wits about you.