“Dude, Monkeys.”

8 years ago  /  by Alex
Best view of Kyoto, no other contenders. Give this place the prize...if there is one. Anyway. This monkey park is located very close to Arashiyama. Once you trek up a slight hill, pay a stranger, and trek up another slightly larger hill, you will reach the monkey park! There is something about wandering around a mountain full of monkeys that makes you think "Wow, this idea sure wouldn't work back home" But somehow it works here, from my experience, tourists don't hassle the monkeys too much. Just don't look them in the eyes or they will try to fight you! (There are actually signs that state this) You can feed the monkeys inside a small wooden building, it's pretty amusing. Would be 5 stars but -1 star for smelling like unwashed monkeys.

Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama