“Joined the group ”

4 years ago  /  by Lamar
This was a most wonderful experience I have been apart of. (story time) Through my time of touring in Tokyo I stayed and worked in a hostel near Nihombashi. It was coming to my last day in Japan and my hostel was presented with being able to participate in this festival along with everyone around the area. Some of the housemates/workers were able to suit up and participate. There was at least a good 30 to 50 people attempting to carry this shrine made of gold and heavy wood. My cousin and I as well as the rest of the hostel staff and community struggled to carry shake and walk around while carrying this small yet heavy shrine. Felt as if my shoulders were going to be crushed. I'm so grateful for being the first tourist as well as black american to be able to join in. Lots of cameras and pictures being taken of our horrible faces struggling to keep going. I must say that day was a good day.

The Kanda Festival