8 years ago  /  by Lamar
Seriously though, this place is not filled with the Lolita fashionista's as movies or YouTube would make you think. Too many tourists for all that. The crazy fashion is something to stare at though as I'm sure you won't have this in your town. I can talk about Takashita Street but that's been ran through too many times. Lets talk about hidden gems. If you want some rare shoes like Jordan's you can't get anywhere else at a high price there's Kicks lab. You can take a dance lesson at Millennium Dance Complex, extremely famous even in the States. Eat some crepes at one of the many crepe shops. There is a (crazy condom) store don't, get too excited nothing that will impress you there. There are many parks and and shrines you can go to that are nearby, but you're in Tokyo so why not check this place out.