“Tokyo drift”

9 years ago  /  by Lamar
Ok none of that happens here. Yes very sad indeed, but I will say if you're not a noob, then yes the crosswalk is extremely busy and fun to walk around. This place is always exciting. At night the place is as bright as ever, it really does feel like being in a movie with promotional videos playing on the giant monitors on the buildings. Bring sunglasses for when you come here at night, this place is hot and I am not talking about 109. For you ladies you have the most amazing shopping mall ever and for guys who like eye candy OMG, I damn near melt every time I go there everyone is a 10. There are many food places but nothing that really sparks my interest. There is shaky's pizza which is good if you like pizza but don't want to spend that crazy amount for Domino's, then go here for all you can eat during happy hour for 900yen. This is a pretty young crowd and with a lot of people there are many different fashion trends to steal from, everyone has their unique style that I like. Clubs are expensive, (some) places actually watch you and make sure you have a drink in your hands at all time or you gotta leave. But the night life here is where it's at. You can't come to Japan and not go to Shibuya.