“Shut up and take my money ”

8 years ago  /  by Lamar
Let me tell you this. If you miss arcades. If you love anime. If you like to be surrounded by people who have the same nerdy interests as you, then this is the place you need to go. This place makes your gaming conventions and anime conventions look like a school yard. Everyday this place is busy, every day there is something neat to see. Every building has something to nerd about. If you do come, do it on a Sunday where they close the street so waste no time waiting for a stupid street light to tell you to cross. The buildings have banners of anime and gaming advertisements. Today's advertisement is assassins creed along with seraph of the end. I will say this also, don't be fooled by the look of this place. This place is extremely expensive to shop, remember that yen have dollar coins, so you will eat through your pockets at arcades, buying figures from second hand stores, and eating at maid cafes. Speaking of cafes, although I have never been, there is a maid alley and basement idol alley where they stand in the blistering cold promoting their place of work, so if it's cold out, go and have a meal with them.