“Great for dates ”

6 years ago  /  by Lamar
Going here was one of my most memorable moments of staying in Tokyo Feb/March. I went here with a lady friend of mine, she wanted to just walk around Ueno Park and during the time the cherry blossoms are at their peak. At night the lights from the shrine shine just enough to get that good lighting bouncing off the shimmering water. I wish the duck boats were operational at night, that would have been a good date move. When I was there even in the rain there was something soothing about being there. I'm that guy who hates the rain even being from Seattle Wa home of rain, but here walking it, it just clears your mind, the trees were beginning to sprout white and pink cherry blossoms. It felt like I had been using some sort of dream filter for my eyes, it was captivating, something I'll never forget. Went to sweets paradise for some all you can eat sweets and paste...worth it. Thank you [insert lady friends name here] for showing and giving me this memory.

Ueno Park