The famous port city which is a romantic dating spot and has a rich atmosphere of exoticism

Area Characteristics

Yokohama is popular with the younger generations as a dating spot. It has a renowned night view and is a hit for its stylish shopping malls, a Ferris wheel and a park along the sea. With its opening in 1859 as an international trading port along Yokohama Bay, it has come to boast the largest Chinatown in Japan and is a unique city with an air of exoticism.

Major Sites

In the Minato Mirai 21 area, there is Yokohama Landmark Tower for starters with its observation deck overlooking a lovely night view, and places such as Red Brick Park and Cosmo World. Along with the seaside Yamashita Park and Osanbashi Pier, there are also theme parks including Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and Zoorasia, and areas such as Yokohama Chinatown, Motomachi, and Sankei-en Garden which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.



The delicacy here is siu mai dumplings. The butaman (pork buns) of Chinatown are also popular. Yokohama is also characterized by its many Western restaurants as the first Japanese city to first introduce Western culture with establishments ranging from venerable restaurants to the latest eateries to become the talk of the town. Raisin sandwiches, Ariake Harbor products and other sweets make great souvenirs symbolizing the city. Local Yokohama ramen and family-run ramen restaurants are also famous.



From Tokyo Station, the JR Tokaido line to Yokohama is the speediest and most convenient, being able to reach the city within 30 minutes. For sightseeing within the city, the tour bus moving around the main tourist sites in the bayside area, the one-day pass to get around on the city bus, subway system and other public transportation systems are handy. However, since the routes into the Minato Mirai 21 area are especially crowded on public holidays, reserving a lot of time and/or walking around the area is recommended.



Hotel facilities in Yokohama are mainly concentrated within the tourist areas such as Minato Mirai 21, Sakuragicho, Bashamichi, Yamashita Park, Motomachi and Chinatown.