Top 5 Best Hot Springs (Onsen) in Yamagata

Yamagata is called the kingdom of hot springs. So as you can imagine, there are lots of hot springs all over the prefecture. Here are the top 5 that you should visit.

Zao Hot Springs is probably the most famous because of its hot spring as well as its ski resort. So in the wintertime, skiing in the daytime and soaking in a hot spring after all of that exercise is the best way to enjoy both.

The walking trail is not only lovely amid the summer greenery but also within the autumn colors

Akayu Hot Springs 

Akayu Onsen あかゆおんせん is a post town of Oshu Highway. It is an atmospheric hot spring with fruits and flowers, and where you can enjoy the "health of the lake" Ideyu Hot Springs.

Address Akayu, Nanyo-shi, Yamagata
Access From Tokyo, take the Shinkansen “Tsubasa” bound for Yamagata and get off at Akayu station. It’s 5 min. by bus or 30 min. on foot from Akayu Station.

Akakura Hot Springs

An atmospheric Hot Springs at the foot of the mountain. Here the Oguni-gawa river flows among Yomoyama in the hot-spring resort. Has a good reputation for making your skin beautiful and healing your wounds.

Address 817-1, Tomizawa, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun
Access From Tokyo, get on the Shinkansen “Tsubasa” bound for Shinjyo station. At Shinjyo station, change to the Rikuu East Line and get off at Akakura-Onsen. It’s a 8 min. bus ride from there.


Atsumi Hot Springs

The hot water that Atsumi Onsen offers is soft and the sound of the clear stream of waters are comfortable. This is a high quality hot spring with dishes using seasonal ingredients and accommodations boasting warm hospitality

Address Yuatsumi, Tsuruoka-shi
Access From Tokyo, get on the Shinkansen “Toki” bound for Niigata. At Niigata station, change lines to the JR Limited Express “Inaho” and get off at Atsumi-Onsen station.It’s 7 minutes by bus, or 30 min. on foot from the station.


Ginzan Onsen
Ginzan Onsen
An “onsen” village developed when “Ginzan” (The Silver Mountain mine) was flourishing. The nostalgic atmosphere created by the early Showa Era buildings standing alongside the river attracts tourists.
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Zao Onsen
Zao Onsen
Tohoku’s foremost onsen resort has a history of 1900 years. In this onsen village where the large natural environment of Mt. Zao spreads out, you can enjoy nature walks, and a stroll through the village which has kept its old-fashioned atmosphere. Zao Onsen is famous for its “waters for beautiful skin” which promote blood circulation and good skin. There are also plenty of winter sports held during the season.
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