Mount Tate(Tateyama)

One of Japan’s Three Great Mountains! The soaring 3000m Mount Tate is a paradise for climbers

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A famous mountain that ranks in alongside Mount Fuji and Mount Haku. The beauty the mountains known as the Northern Alps is spectacular. The wide variety of natural environments and the ever changing topography attract people to this place.
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The famous Mt. Tate boasting a sublime beauty

Mt. Tate, which has the grand legend of being the stepping stone that the god who finished creating Japan stepped upon during his way back to Heaven, is located within Chūbu-Sangaku National Park and is generally named for the 3 peaks of Mt. Oyama, Mt. Onanji and Mt. Fujinooritate. The soaring sight of the 3,000m mountain is magnificent and earned it the status of being one of Japan’s Three Sacred Mountains as a peak that has been worshiped since ancient times. It is also known as a mountain with high miraculous virtue.

A mountain admired by trekkers and climbers. Enjoy Mother Nature in all its variety

When the summer climbing season begins, many trekkers and mountain climbers head for Mt. Tate. Its attraction lies in its ever changing environment. The superb mountain landscape encourages a proud beauty throughout all four seasons including a summer when the area is carpeted by highland plants, the lovely volcanic lake Mikurigaike which has a mirror-like surface, the grand highland of Amidagahara with its gently sloping lava plateau, and the natural forest of Bunadaira which has 200-300 year-old beech trees. Also, on the precipitous 2999m Mt. Tsurugi, there is also the Yatsumine Ridge which is perfect for rock climbing. You can enjoy everything from light trekking to genuine mountain climbing. On the top of the main peak of Mt. Oyama, you will find Oyama Shrine Mine Main Shrine where you can get that mysterious feeling of worshiping a mountain that can only be found in Japan. The unobstructed view from the top is perfect. If you are fortunate, you might even be able to see a sea of fog rolling below your eyes.


Various attractions to easily enjoy beautiful Mother Nature

On Mt. Tate, there are plenty of other facilities where you can enjoy nature even further. The Tateyama Ropeway has a total length of 1,710m and goes up 500m. It goes over Mt. Daikanbo and the Kurobe Plain in 7 minutes and you can enjoy the huge panorama of Lake Kurobe and the Tateyama Mountains. There are also popular seasonal attractions such as the 10m-high snow wall known as Yuki-no-Otani which appears in mid-May.


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