A pure white Western-style manor of the Ikeda clan standing amid lush green nature

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Jinpukaku is a Western-style residence which stands on the former castle site of the Ikeda clan who once ruled Tottori. Designed by Tokuma Katayama, who was also responsible for other famous buildings in Japan including Akasaka Palace and the Kyoto National Museum, it was completed in 1907. You can see this elegant Western-style building of Japan reflecting the times through the interior showing techniques blending Japanese and Western styles and a garden arranged around a pond.
Business Hours
Tuesday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
Wednesday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
business_hours.thursday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
Friday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )
Sunday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 AM )

Closed: Mondays(If the Monday is a holiday, then it is open) Any day following a holiday New Year’s holidays
Adult: 150 YEN
Children: 0 YEN
2-121 Higashimachi, Tottori
(0857) 26-3595

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