Sky Duck

Cruise around the Tokyo Sky Tree neighborhood on a spectacular amphibious bus

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Get on the Sky Duck amphibious bus for a tour of Tokyo Sky Tree and other famous sites. Look forward to the thrill of heading straight into the river once you get on.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

Departure times will differ depending on the day so please refer to the homepage [close] Tokyo Sky Tree course 12/29~1/3(Please refer to the homepage) Kameido course On all days except for weekends and holidays (Mondays are maintenance days)
Adult: 2,900 YEN
Children: 1,400 YEN

The brackets refer to the Kameido course
1-17-6 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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A sightseeing tour overflowing with a sense of fun

Tokyo Sky Tree is the very popular site that has become the new symbol of Tokyo. Its modern and stylish appearance has an impressiveness that you can still feel even when seen from far away, but the surrounding neighborhoods including Asakusa and the atmospheric Kameido are Tokyo sightseeing areas that also cannot be missed with their townscapes retaining the good old days of a long-ago metropolis. Walking around these areas is recommended but there is also the new sightseeing tour which started in 2013 called Sky Duck. This amphibious bus has the unique look of a ship on wheels. The Sky Duck tours around the tourist areas as a bus but then it later enters the Old Nakagawa River as a ship to commence the cruising part of the tour. Along with the driver, there is also a guide so it’s great to have the tourist sites introduced in detail enjoyably. You can also get a taste of the excitement that feels like being on an attraction at some sort of theme park. More than anything, there is the thrill of hitting the water. There is no doubt about the smiles generated by everyone in the family when the spray hits the windows. Discover that new expression of the Tokyo cityscape as you enjoy the cruise.

Course Outline and Reservations

For the sightseeing tour, there are the two courses for Tokyo Sky Tree and Kameido. The Tokyo Sky Tree course can be reserved from one month prior on the homepage. The tour takes about 100 minutes. As for the Kameido course, it takes around 70 minutes. Please be aware though that the departure points for both courses differ. Also, please note that the number of runs for the Kameido course is smaller compared to the Tokyo Sky Tree course, so please check the homepage.

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