Robot Restaurant

An incredible 90-minute experience with robots, tanks, and fighters

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Robot Restaurant has become immensely popular among overseas tourists. Enjoy the world’s only collaboration of robots, dancing, and live music.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 4:0 PM ~ 11:0 PM )
Sunday ( 4:0 PM ~ 11:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 4:0 PM ~ 11:0 PM )

The basic performance schedule is below 1st show: Doors open at 3:10pm~ Performance begins at 4:00pm~ 2nd show: Doors open at 5:00pm~ Performance begins at 5:55pm~ 3rd show: Doors open at 7:00pm~ Performance begins at 7:50pm~ 4th show: Doors open at 9:00pm~ Performance begins at 9:45pm~ [close] Closed due to maintenance (please check the homepage)
Adult: 8,000 YEN

Meals require a separate charge of 1000 yen
ロボットレストランTokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−7−1新宿ロボットビルB2
(03) 3200-5500

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An absolutely new show experience

At the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, foreign tourists are just flooding in. Inside, there are also plenty of famous personalities including overseas celebrities. The Robot Restaurant is located in a corner building within the neon streets of Kabukicho, Tokyo’s premier entertainment district for the night life. The total cost for the restaurant was about 100 million dollars which explains its opulent design. The show continues to surprise and impress. The 90-minute show which interweaves robots, dancers and live music into one is a new kind of performance that had never been seen up to now which has grabbed the hearts of many tourists. Reservations can be made online and with an additional fee, you can enjoy a meal with the show. The Japanese meals include sushi and bento, and while you’re enjoying your food, you can enjoy some cutting-edge entertainment.

Fascinated by robots

It’s not just about the robots tripping the light fantastic with the dancers. The biggest charm of the Robot Restaurant is its flashiness and originality. The dancers in their highly revealing outfits show off some magnificent moves to the beat of the taiko drums and other percussion, but that’s not everything. There’s a fair amount of decorative illumination on the tanks and other robots which the dancers skillfully handle. The robots are very expressive through their winking and hand waving. Also, themed performances are one of the other attractions with highlights including robot battles, robot parades and even Japanese-themed acts of josendaiko (women war drums) and senbonzakura (a thousand cherry trees). It is only at the Robot Restaurant where you can see this one and only performance which brings together robots and dancing that cannot be seen anywhere in Japan or in the world.

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Robot Restaurant is a five minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit.

From Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station:
Take the Chuo Line direct to Shinjuku Station (15 minutes, ¥200)

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8 years ago
One time only.
Its wayyy over priced BUT we had a nice night and I think the experience is worth it. But if you are on a really tight budget you might skip it.
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