National Museum of Nature and Science

Past and modern science of world-leading Japan can be found in this museum

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This is a national museum pursuing natural history and science. Let’s avidly learn about science under the theme of “Human Beings in Coexistence with Nature”. A facility with a 360-degree screen is also a hit.
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7-20 Ueno Koen, taito-ku, Tokyo
(03) 5777-8600

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The trajectory of the kingdom of science and Japanese scientific technology

Japan is a world leader in scientific research, technology, mechanical engineering, medicine and various other fields, and has the largest number of Nobel Prize winners in Asia. The trajectory of this kingdom of science and Japanese scientific technology is seen in full detail in this museum.

The National Museum of Nature and Science, under its theme of “Human Beings in Coexistence with Nature” was established in Ueno, Tokyo in 1877. It is a national museum of general science featuring natural and scientific technological history. The museum has a valuable collection of over 4.5 million specimens including native Japanese flora and fauna and fossils.

The museum is divided into 2 large sections: the Japan Gallery and the Global Gallery.In the Japan Gallery, a wide range of fields is introduced including Japanese geology, flora & fauna native to Japan, natural history and scientific technology. Through these exhibits, you can find out about the natural features of Japan, the origins of the Japanese people and Japanese history.

In the Global Gallery, there are plenty of exhibits that will have you thinking about the Earth from an even wider view. You can think about the evolution of living things and their relationships with the natural environment through the collection of dynamic animal models, and topics such as the dilemma of extinction are divulged with great interest through dinosaur fossil specimens. There is a lot of deep information for those with an interest in science through the exhibits of such things as space, matter and scientific technology. Think about the future from this massive collection.

Theater 36○ is a popular facility at the museum. Take a look at the world’s first 360°spherical screen with a 12.8m diameter with spectacular images displayed in all directions! The viewing themes change monthly which include the history of Earth, dinosaurs, space, the evolution of Man and a host of other topics. Experience that unique feeling of floating via the impressive sights and sounds.

The National Museum of Nature and Science is located inside Ueno Park. Along with the museum, there is also the National Museum of Western Art, the Tokyo National Museum, Ueno Zoo and many other highlights. It’s the perfect place to happily spend a day as you stroll through the park which is welcome to people of all ages.

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From Ueno Station take the Park Exit which leads directly into Ueno Park. Walk right, passing the The National Museum of Western Art, and the National Museum of Nature and Science is the next building.

From Shinjuku Station to Ueno Station:
Take the Yamanote Line direct to Ueno Station (26 minutes, ¥200)

From Tokyo Station to Ueno Station:
Take the Yamanote Line direct to Ueno Station (9 minutes, ¥160)

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8 years ago
Find Lucy, Hobbit, and Hachikō Here
This national museum is really suitable for students who are full of curiosity about the origin and the evolution of lives on earth. You can see the early human "Lucy", Hobbit-like human and Hachikō at this museum. You can also learn the human evolution of Japan. It is a good idea to spend a full day at Ueno area, visiting various kinds of science and art museums. The location is very convenient. Easily accessed by JR train and Tokyo metro. Excellent place for families bringing their kids. The nearby University of Tokyo is also good to visit especially in November when the ginkgo trees are turning golden color.
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