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At @home Café, maids will welcome their masters and mistresses home

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@home Café is Akihabara’s first maid café. Maids warmly greet their masters and mistresses, and there you can take a souvenir photo with the maid of your choice and play games with her.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 10:30 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Sunday ( 10:30 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 11:30 AM ~ 10:0 PM )

[close] No fixed holidays
Adult: 600 JPY
Children: 300 JPY

The above is the admission price which is paid alongside the cost for any dishes and drinks
Mitsuwa Bld. 4F - 7F Sotokanda 1-11-4, Chiyoda, Tokyo
(03) 5207-9779

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The original maid café of Akihabara

The very first maid café was opened in Akihabara in 2004. Four of the Akihabara main cafés are located in the Mitsuwa Building on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors while a 5th café is on the 5th floor of Akihabara’s Don Quijote Building with each of the cafés having a large and different interior with a cute décor.

Maids provide hospitality for masters and mistresses

Customers who enter the café are greeted warmly as masters and mistresses of the world of the @home Café. The maids who are waiting to attend to you make sure that you enjoy your time there beginning with their greetings of “Welcome home, my master/mistress!” before performing duties such as drawing pictures on rice omelettes during lunchtime in ketchup and mixing spaghetti while you and a maid chant “moé” words together. There is a plentiful lunch menu and drink menu which even includes alcoholic cocktails with a maid shaking a drink right in front of you. You can enjoy chatting with your maid, get that commemorative photo with the maid of your choice via a small instant camera and even play a one-on-one game with her.

Check out the homepage beforehand

At the official website, profiles of the maids are introduced so that you can check all of the maids working at each of the cafés beforehand ranging from the rookies to the 1st-class and 2nd-class maids (on the Japanese page). Find that maid that you are interested in and meet her. The homepage is also available in English, Chines and Korean. There are also announcements of events and original goods sold as well. An admission fee is mandatory outside of the drink and food menu, and the sitting time is restricted to 1 hour. You can even obtain a Master’s Certificate.

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