Sights in Tochigi

Ashikaga Flower Park

A floral theme park made famous from its Giant Wisteria Festival which draws 500,000 visitors

Oya History Museum

The gigantic underground cavern that has taken 70 years to dig out is just like a Roman archaeological site

Nasu Animal Kingdom Tochigi Prefecture

A petting zoo where 600 animals live within its huge grounds

Nasu Alpaca Farm

A farm that has been recognized as the farm raising the world’s friendliest alpacas

Ryuokyo Gorge

The gorge that is reminiscent of a writhing dragon is picturesque scenery that is a part of Nikko National Park

Furumine Shrine

Known as the birthplace of Nikko, it is also the shrine of tengu quietly ensconced in the back of a mountain

Shika-no-Yu (Deer Baths)

An onsen with 1300 years of history. An inexpensive communal bath which retains the atmosphere of a hot spring health...

Nasu Highlands

A grand resort area to enjoy nature just two hours away from Tokyo

Twin Ring Motegi

Get a taste of enjoyment from real motor sports with the whole family

Ryuuka (Changing Dragon) Falls

The appearance of it flowing down 3 levels resembles that of a white dragon flying up to the sky

Utsunomiya Castle Ruins Park

Utsunomiya Castle, which once gained fame as one of the Seven Famous Castles of the Kanto, has been made into a park

Heiwa Kannon

A large 27m-tall statue of Kannon carved from a rock face praying for peace in tribute to those who have died in war

Matsugamine Catholic Church

A church built from Oya stone whose grandly soaring twin spires are beautiful

Oya Keikan Park

Be amazed by the rock wall of Oya stone which soars above a natural green space!

Utsunomiya Futarayama Shrine

A historic shrine that has been admired by the citizens of Utsunomiya as “a place of the soul”

Orion Street

Sample the local dishes in Utsunomiya’s largest commercial district

Ōya-ji Temple

One of Japan’s prominent cave temples whose soaring cliff provides an incredible view