Nasu Highlands

A resort area where you can enjoy nature just two hours from Tokyo

A hot springs village and an area of summer cottages spread out at the foot of the Nasu Mountains in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture. Along with mountain climbing, there are also many tourist spots such as hot springs, farms, zoos, amusement parks, and ski resorts.
Nasukogen, Yumoto Nasmachi Nasu-gun, Tochigi
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Mt. Chauzu that can be climbed safely even by beginners via ropeway

Among the Nasu Mountains which can be counted as one of the Top 100 Mountains of Japan, there is the main peak of Mt. Chauzu which is an active volcano. Smoke rises from everywhere and the smell of sulfur hits you as you walk around the area. Even at an altitude of 1915m, there is a low tree line since it is a volcano and there is a feeling of reaching the summit of a high mountain. The ropeway which connects the 7th and 9th stages can easily take passengers up to the peak, and the area is popular especially during the autumn due to its wonderful scenery. From Ropeway Sancho Station, there is a 40-50 minute walk to the top of Mt. Chauzu. Once you carefully make your way across the rock-covered slope, you will be witness to a 360-degree panoramic view and spectacular plumes of smoke that can only be seen on this mountain.

A lovers’ paradise is the perfect viewpoint

The Nasu Highland Observation Point that is at the 1048m point descending along the prefectural highway of the Nasu Highland Line on Mt. Chauzu has been registered as one of the Top 100 Lovers’ Paradises. Aside from the Nasu Mountains, you can also view the Kanto Plain, Mt. Tsukuba and other features if the weather is good, and the area is known for being able to see an especially beautiful nightscape and sunrise. Close to Yahata Onsen is the Yahata Rhododendron Community. Beginning from late May, 200,000 rhododendron blossoms are in full bloom which paint the highlands in scarlet. Selected as one of the 100 Most Tasteful Landscapes by the Ministry of Environment and as one of the Top 100 Scenic Spots in Tochigi Prefecture, the Yahata Rhododendron Community has a nature trail which you can enjoy.

After walking around, relax in an onsen

There are plenty of places to have fun such as the 10 large roller-coasters of Nasu Highland Park, Nasu Safari Park where you can encounter animals up close from your car, Nasu Animal Kingdom where you can pet the animals, and the Minamigaoka Dairy Company which has free admission. Finally, you can relax in the hot spring that has the highest output of water in the prefecture, Nasu Onsen.

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