Top 7 Best Hot Springs (Onsen) in Shimane

If you’re looking for hot springs in Shimane prefecture, here are the top 7 onsens you'd want to visit. They are Tamatsukuri Hot Springs, Yunotsu Hot Springs, Mimata Hot Springs, Arifuku Hot Springs, Okuizumi Hot Springs  Village, Sanbe Hot Springs, and Araiso Hot Springs.

Tamatsukuri Hot Springs and Yunotsu Hot Springs, are especially famous. Having both existed for over 1300 years, they are Japan’s oldest hot springs, and Yunotsu Hot Springs is also a World Heritage site.

Mimata Hot Springs 


Mimata Onsen has been around for over 150 years and it is the one of the most famous hot springs in Shimane. The hot water has alkaline properties so the water feels slippery. It is said to have beautifying effects and cosmetics made from the water are also sold here.

Address Oibara, Kanagi-cho, Hamada-shi, Shimane
Access 25 min. by taxi from Hamada station on the JR San-in Main line


Arifuku Hot Springs 

Arifuku Hot Springs was found by a monk about 1350 years ago. It is a small hot springs resort located in Gotsu, in the central region of Shimane Prefecture. The alkaline water is transparent and gives your skin plenty of moisture, making your skin feel smooth.

Address Arifukuonsen-cho, Gotsu-shi, Shimane
Access 30 min. by taxi or local bus from Hamada station on the JR Sanin Main line


Okuizumo Hot Springs Village

Surrounded by the mountains of Shimane Prefecture, this hot springs is said to be one of the three best hot springs for beauty in Japan. Experience the quaint atmosphere and the delicious food made from local ingredients.

Address Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun, Shimane
Access Izumo Minari station on the JR Kisuki line
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Sanbe Hot Springs 

This hot springs is located to the south of Mount Sanbe, a still active volcano. It is a secluded hot springs with no easy access road. The hike through the mountain makes the hot springs at the end of the road all the more enjoyable.

Address Shigaku, Sanbe-cho, Oda-shi, Shimane
Access 50 min. by bus or 25 min. by taxi from Odashi station on the JR Sanin Main line


Araiso Hot Springs 

Hotel Araiso-kan has a large bath facing the Sea of Japan. There are some rooms that also have a open air bath on the balcony. You can also enjoy the fresh seafood and the Karaoto Daffodils Park nearby.

Address Nishi-hirahara, Masuda-shi, Shimane
Access 15 min. by bus from Masuda station on the JR Sanin Main line.
Tamatsukuri Onsen
Tamatsukuri Onsen
According to the Fudoki (ancient reports on geography and culture), Tamatsukuri Onsen was called the “Divine Hot Spring” due to its reputation of rejuvenating skin on entering its waters once and then curing disease on entering its waters twice. The excellent quality of the water is known for promoting beautiful skin.
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Yunotsu Onsen
Yunotsu Onsen
Yunotsu Onsen which has been preserved by the townscape as a Group of Important Traditional Buildings has been registered as a World Heritage site, and is an onsen site which once bustled with silver miners and onsen visitors using the port.
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