Sights in Shiga

Hikone Castle

The National Treasure castle tower has a massive and dignified countenance

Miho Museum

One of Japan’s pre-eminent private museums of art with permanent displays of ancient Chinese and Egyptian treasures

Kurokabe Square

A tourist site in Nagahama, a city of many attractive shops centering on art

Lake Biwa

Japan’s largest lake amid lush nature with seasonally changing expressions


A man-made canal built during the Warring States Era linking Lake Biwa and a castle and stretching for a total length...

Metasequoia Namiki Avenue

A beautiful prefectural road spanning 2.4km with about 500 metasequoia trees planted alongside

Koka Ninja Village

The birthplace of ninja where you can experience the history of ninja at Koka and even undergo training

Enryaku-ji Temple

The entirety of the 848m Mt. Hiei makes up the temple grounds. The view from the summit is also magnificent

Suigo Meguri (Tour of the Riverside)

View the four seasons of Shiga on board a gently sailing boat

Lake Biwa Museum

This is the place to gain a variety of knowledge regarding Lake Biwa on matters such as the lake’s history and its ec...

Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine

A shrine known for practicing the warding off of evil depending on direction and for its divine messenger in the form...


One of the temples on the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage, Ishiyama-dera is associated with Shikibu Murasaki

Mii-dera (Onjo-ji)

The head temple of the Tendai Jimon sect known for the “Evening Bell at Mii-dera”, one of the Eight Views of Omi

Sagawa Art Museum

An art museum floating atop the water and surrounded by beautiful nature with a view of Lake Biwa

Chikubu Island

A small island with a circumference of 2km on Lake Biwa that has been worshiped since ancient times

Azuchi Castle

Although it took Nobunaga Oda 3 years to complete Azuchi Castle in 1576, all that remains now are the stone walls for...

Yume Kyobashi Castle Road

A shopping street with the feeling of an old castle town surrounding Hikone Castle


With a beautiful canal and old streets, you can spend a relaxing time in this town

Genkyu-en Garden

A tranquil daimyo garden by a large pond in harmony with nature and a castle in the background

Shinmachi Street

The street representing Omihachiman which became famous for its Omi merchants