Onogame ( 大野亀 )

A giant peak that soars high into the sky from ocean surface. See this dynamic scene only found on Sado!

Sado Mine ( 佐渡金山 )

The remains of a once flourishing gold mine boasting Japan’s highest output, discovered during the Edo Era

Sado ( 佐渡 )

The island was a former penal colony but now is a place you can enjoy traditional culture together with the beautiful nature

Sado Nishimikawa Gold Park ( 佐渡西三川ゴールドパーク )

Experience gold panning as you learn all about the historic gold mines of Sado

Sado Kisen ( 佐渡汽船 )

The transportation system linking Sado Island and the mainland. Enjoy a pleasant marine trip while viewing the ocean

Sado Historical Legend Museum ( 佐渡歴史伝説館 )

A novel experience! The history of Sado is told through robots in the costumes of old

Sado Gold Mine: Edo Gold Mine Picture Scroll (Sodayu) Course ( 佐渡金山:江戸金山絵巻(宗太夫坑)コース )

The sight of recreated mine workers from 400 years ago

Sado Island Taiko Center ( 佐渡太鼓体験交流館 )

As soon as you hear it, your heart will throb, as soon as you beat it, your heart will sing! The attraction of taiko drumming linked to the heart!

Obata Sake Brewery ( 尾畑酒造 )

Head for the brewery for high-grade sake. Sample famous first-class sake from Sado

Sado Gold Mine: Meiji Government-controlled mine (Doyu Tunnel) Course ( 佐渡金山:明治官営鉱山(道遊坑)コース )

A course touring the history of a modern mine where you can get a sense of its huge scale and dramatic evolution

Ryotsu Port ( 両津港 )

Sado Island’s gateway which is most used by ferries arriving and departing. This is the starting point for tourism on the island

Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest ( 大佐渡石名天然杉遊歩道 )

A mystical cedar forest which has existed for about 300 years with huge trees uniquely shaped through the actions of strong winds and snow

Leisure Facility Sashisuseso ( 憩の館・佐志住施礎 )

Fresh seafood cuisine at the northernmost tip of Sado Island featuring local ingredients specially selected by shopkeepers.

Tenryo Ryotsu Sado Takigi Noh ( 天領佐渡両津薪能 )

As mysterious Noh performances float amid the fire illuminating the darkness, the true charm of outdoor Noh is experienced with all five senses

Sadokoku Ogi Folk Museum ( 佐渡国小木民俗博物館 )

Marvel at the spectacular display of the completely reproduced Edo Era cargo ship with a total length of 24m!

Ogi Port ( 小木港 )

A convenient port to travel around famous sites in southern Sado Island. Come here to reach the historical district of Shukunegi and tarai bune.

Daizen Shrine ( 大膳神社 )

A shrine with Sado Island’s oldest Noh stage enshrined in the middle of a tranquil countryside setting

Seson-ji Temple ( 世尊寺 )

Sado Island’s first Nichiren Buddhist temple with its simple appearance and a beautiful garden throughout all four seasons