Chichibu Meisenkan

A museum expressing the attraction of Chichibu’s Meisen silk through modern and fashionable kimono

Meisen is a fabric that was popular in kimono from the Taisho to Showa eras. The museum displays information related to the antique Meisen and the textile industry in Chichibu. Visitors can take part in some of the manufacturing of Meisen such as weaving and dyeing.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 4:0 AM )
Sunday ( 9:0 AM ~ 4:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 4:0 AM )

[close] New Year’s holidays (Dec. 29 - Jan. 3)
Adult: 200 YEN

Junior high school students 100 yen Elementary school students 100 yen
28-1 Kumagimachi, Chichibu, Saitama
(0494) 21-2112

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