Sights in Sado


The historic community of houses that has survived since the Edo Era

Kitazawa Flotation Plant

A gigantic industrial heritage site which was once the largest ore beneficiation plant in East Asia

Yajima Taiken Koryukan

Tour an inlet by tarai bune (tub boat). Enjoy your time on the gentle sea current


A giant peak that soars high into the sky from ocean surface. See this dynamic scene only found on Sado!

Myosen-ji Temple

An ancient temple surrounded by a cedar forest with an impressive and beautiful five-story pagoda that took two gener...

Seisui-ji Temple

This ancient temple on a lush green mountain built to resemble Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto was established in the H...


An island which was a former penal colony where you can fully enjoy traditional culture together with Mother Nature

Sado Mine

The remains of a once-flourishing gold mine which boasted Japan’s highest ore output, discovered during the Edo Era

Sekisui Ito Pottery Museum

A gallery amassing the elegant pottery of Sekisui Ito, a Living National Treasure

Sado Nishimikawa Gold Park

Try panning for gold as you learn all about it by the historic Sado Gold Mine

Ogi Diving Center

Try a 90-minute sea kayaking course that takes you into the rough waves of the Sea of Japan!

Sado Kisen

The transportation system linking Sado Island and the mainland. Enjoy a pleasant marine trip while viewing the ocean

Senkaku Bay Ageshima Park

Enjoy a cruise viewing scenery interweaving sheer cliffs and a complex bay

Ogura Senmaida (Terraced Rice Fields)

A wide swath of terraced rice paddies cultivated on a slope through natural agricultural methods

Sado Historical Legend Museum

A novel experience! The history of Sado is told through robots in the costumes of old

Sado Gold Mine: Edo Gold Mine Picture Scroll (Sodayu) Course

The sight of recreated mine workers from 400 years ago

Toki Forest Park

The precious toki, or crested ibis, that had once disappeared from the skies of Japan, have returned

Sado Island Taiko Center

As soon as you hear it, your heart will throb, as soon as you beat it, your heart will sing! The attraction of taiko ...

Gyokudo Kamamoto

Get to know Mumyoi-yaki through a DIY workshop and find out about the subtlety and beauty of clay.


The two large rocks that burst from the sea form an ever-changing secluded beach depending on the season and weather