Sado Island is an island off of Niigata prefecture. Landmarks include Sado Gold Mine, Toki Forest Park, the Ogi Diving Center and more. It’s an island that still retains its natural beauty, but it’s also a place you can try lots of activities like scuba diving, riding on a “tarai” boat, etc. While on the island visit the following beautiful temples and shrines and find your inner peace.


Myosen-ji Temple

Find the wooden 5 story pagoda rising from a clearing in the cedar forest. It took two generations of carpenters to finish this amazing structure.
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Business Hours Everyday ( 08:00 AM ~ 04:00 PM )

April-October 8:00am-5:00pm
November-March 8:00am-4:00pm
Price FREE
Address Myosenji Temple 29 Abutsubo, Sado, Niigata See map
Telephone 0259-55-2061

Seisui-ji Temple

This temple stands on a secluded mountain hidden in the lush forest. It was built to resemble the famous Kiyomizudera in Kyoto. Another interesting fact is that the kanji characters for Kiyomizudera and Seisui-ji are identical. They’re just read differently.
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Business Hours Weekdays ( 09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM )

Open to visitors
Address 124-1 Niiboono, Sado, Niigata See map
Telephone 0259-22-2167

Chokoku-ji Temple

A temple with a variety of activities through which you can experience Buddhism. Other than the usual meditation or sutra copying activities, there are unique activities that are done in the dark. Like hearing a sermon in the dark or walking through the temple in the dark, or even entering a coffin, these activities let you really think about darkness, death and also the opposite.
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Business Hours Everyday ( 08:30 AM ~ 05:00 PM )

The experiential courses are held at 1pm-2pm
For preferred times outside this time, please inquire directly

Open all year. However, there is a reservation system in place for tours so please make arrangements in advance
Price The experiential courses require admission to pay for materials
Address Chokokuji 13, Chokoku, Sado, Niigata See map
Telephone 0259-66-2052

Rengebu-ji Temple

This temple lies in a valley surrounded on all sides by small mountains. This layout is said to resemble a lotus blossom with the temple at its center and the mountains as the flower petals. Thus, this temple is named after the lotus or the “renge” in Japanese.
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Business Hours Everyday ( 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM )
Price FREE
Address 182 Kobie, Sado, Niigata Rengebuji See map
Telephone 0259-86-2530

Daizen Shrine

On the grounds of this shrine is Sado island’s oldest surviving “Noh” theater stage. Under its thatched roof, “Noh” theater is performed there every April and June.
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Business Hours Everyday ( 08:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM )
Price FREE
Address 562-1 Takeda, Sado, Niigata See map
Telephone 0259-55-2953

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