Osaka’s largest shopping area - a mix of the old and the new

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Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street, located one block east of Mido-suji Street, has department stores and stores of expensive brands. Naturally, it’s the best place for finding the latest trends and also traditional goods.
Shinsaibashisuji Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
(06) 6211-1114

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A shopping street representing Osaka

The Shinsaibashi area is inserted in the south between Minami-Senba and Nagahori Street. In its center is Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street which lines up traditional shops, department stores and specialty brand outlets. This street has a long history going back to the middle of the 18th century. From the Meiji Era, establishments such as small stores dealing in imported goods and fancy stores started increasing. During the Taisho and Showa Eras, there was a shift to dry-goods shops and department stores, and the street became a lively one for young people to enjoy shopping. Recently, seasonal events have been held to raise the profile of Shinsaibashi and the good old area has regained its luster. Traditional shops with several hundred years of history co-exist with stores dealing in the latest fashions, and a new charm is being felt.

America-mura, Osaka’s birthplace for youth culture

On the west side of Shinsaibashi subway station, there is America-mura which is an area that spreads from Nagahori Street to Dotombori. It is the most active launching point in Osaka Minami for trends. Centering on the shopping building Big Step, starting from casual fashion, there are plenty of unique shops specializing in items such as old & used records, percussion instruments, and miscellaneous goods. You can feel the youth culture of the Kansai region there. In addition, you can discover “Peace on Earth”, a mural painted in 1983 by artist Seitaro Kuroda who hails from Osaka Minami. There are other original pieces of art and buildings where you can sense the pop culture everywhere. The center of America-mura is Triangle Park (Mitsu Park). It’s alive with young people performing and holding flea markets in the hopes of becoming artists or musicians.

Make use of the tourist information center for foreign travelers

Please drop by the Kansai Tourist Information Center for foreign travelers. Not only does it provide information on all areas of Japan to overseas visitors to the Kansai region, but also provides arrangements for trip and other services sought by visitors. Service is provided in the four languages of Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Along with a re-delivery service and sales of various transit passes, a multi-purpose space is available for which Muslims can pray in. In the Matching Space, where business travelers and foreign tourists cross paths, figures can be produced on an original 3D printer. There is not only tourist information, but also information on products and technology in Japan and in the Kansai region. Please use the center for finding any information on travel.

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8 years ago
Shopping heaven!
A must visit! You'll find high end store, low end store and even restaurants! You'll find everything in one place! You will also pass by the famous cheese tart PABLO along the way through dotonbori
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9 years ago
A small area dedicated to America
I visited here to check out Americamura. Shops sold American clothing. Entire shops were dedicated to just selling baseball hats or soccer jerseys. Mixed in with the madness were shops selling skate, punk and retro clothing. I entered a bookshop that sold herbal teas and skateboards, and of course, books. All of the big brands had their own ‘flagship’ stores too. Mixed in with the clothing were some really cheap looking bars, selling really cheap drinks. All of the tourists/shoppers were Japanese; there wasn't an American in sight. I am not quite sure how Americamura happened, but it did, and it was actually quite cool. After a few blocks, I eventually saw a Tokyu Hands; the store marking for me where America ended and Japan began again.
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