Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is the symbol of Osaka, filled with history

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Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi Hidetoshi in 1583. However, it was destroyed in a fire at the same time as his death. It was rebuilt before being destroyed by fire again in 1665. The modern Osaka Castle was rebuilt using contributions from local citizens, after an appeal was made by the mayor of Osaka at that time.
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Adult: 600 JPY
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Osaka Castle, 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
(06) 6941-3044

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Strolling through the restored Osaka Castle

Although Osaka Castle has twice been destroyed by fire, Otemon and Sakuramon, which are Important Cultural Properties, still remain, as does the castle tower, which is a registered Tangible Cultural Property. The castle tower, which was rebuilt 266 years after being burned down, is a 55-meter high, five-story (outer), eight-floor (inner) building. This is one of the foremost of the many post-Showa era castle towers, and it boasts an elevator so that elderly people and disabled persons can enjoy it too. One of the features of Osaka Castle is the glittering golden ornamentation, including the golden carp on the roof. Osaka Castle is situated inside Osaka Castle Park. Osaka Castle Park is a huge site of roughly 106 square meters. In addition to Osaka Castle, this park abounds with nature, including Nishinomaru Garden, where there are approximately 300 cherry blossom trees, and the plum grove, which has approximately 1200 plum trees across 100 varieties. Concerts also take place at Osaka Castle Hall, and it is the ideal tourist location for slow walks.

A view of the streets of Osaka from Osaka Castle

The museum in Osaka Castle Tower is where you can learn about the history of Osaka Castle. On the first floor, you can study the life of Toyotomi Hidetoshi and learn about the history of Osaka Castle in the theater room. On the second floor, you will be introduced to general information about the castle by means of panel displays and replicas of the carp and the tiger and other decorations. On the third and fourth floors, items and documents related to Toyotomi Hidetoshi are on display. On floor five, there is a display that includes a folding panel about the siege of Osaka and the situation at the time, which served as a model for the current Osaka Castle, all of which is available in English. On the seventh floor, there are miniature models that tell the story of Toyotomi Hidetoshi’s life, while the top floor is a viewing area that takes in all of Osaka. After taking in the history from the first to seventh floors, and deepening your understanding of the history of Osaka Castle and the man known as Toyotomi Hidetoshi, the streets of Osaka as viewed from the viewing area will depict a different scene.

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7 years ago
Castle crashing
Popping up from the modern city part of Osaka to the area of the Osaka Castle is like stepping through time. Seeing the walls that protect the castle, while it feels like the castle itself is overlooking at you makes you feel small. The castle looks as different from the inside as it does from the outside to European castles. It is really worth to pay the 600 yen to see the museum inside the castle. You might even see something interesting while walking towards the entrance of the castle, like a man taking his pet iguana for a walk.
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9 years ago
Outside, Great! Inside, not so much...
Osaka castle looks absolutely amazing from the outside! The grounds of the castle are huge! you can explore for a very long time and find many cool things to see. The stone walls are super big and the drop to the rivers below is super cool. It's a very beautiful place. The castle itself looks in pristine condition, which leads into my next point. The inside was very, very boring. For me at-least. It's very new inside, they even have a very large elevator in the middle. Inside is a very swanky museum full of old samurai history, and old artifacts from the period the castle was used. But it just wasn't that interesting. I would recommend other museums over the inside of Osaka castle any day. The view from the top of the Castle is quite nice, though doesn't constitute paying the entrance fee, in my opinion. All in all. Its okay, you might as well check it out.
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9 years ago
An odd mix of old and new
Osaka Castle looks impressive. The journey from the outer walls to the castle itself takes some time, there are a lot of walls, and a lot of steps; but, the walk itself is an enjoyable one that offers various different views of the castle from different angles, and good views of the surrounding area from within the walls. The only problem for me was that the modern style escalator attached to the castle took away from the historic views of the building. A more discreet escalator would be a welcoming sight, but other than that, there a no faults with this near-perfect attraction.
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