Osaka Bay Area

A popular area, full of fun and amusement

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There are lots of things to see, such as Universal Studios Japan with the world of Harry Potter, and an aquarium with the world’s largest water tanks.

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A popular spot floating on top of Osaka Bay

The bay area is reclaimed land facing Osaka Bay, and there are 3 major attractions to see: Universal City Area at USJ, the Tenpozan Area with the one of the world’s largest aquariums, and the Sakishima Area which includes the shopping mall ATC that holds weekend photo shoots by anime cosplay fans and Intex Osaka which holds concerts and large exhibitions. You can reach all of those venues by subway, bus and JR within 10 to 20 minutes.

Universal Studios Japan with a Japanese twist

Hollywood movie attractions such as Jurassic Park and Jaws are there, of course, but there are also original attractions which can only be enjoyed in Japan. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great area of interest of grand scale and designed to the smallest details, and at the Universal Wonderland which is a big hit with the families, there are attractions with popular characters from Peanuts, Hello Kitty and Sesame Street. This is a theme park with various limited-time shows for people of all ages to enjoy that has the world’s attention.

A world-class aquarium and Ferris wheel

A must-see spot in the Tenpozan Area is the Kaiyukan aquarium. The huge water tank with a depth of 9m, a water capacity of 5,400t and a maximum length of 34m which re-creates the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean, is amazing. You can view migratory fish such as the whale shark, sharks, rays and mackerel swimming contentedly. You can also see the popular penguins, dolphins, seals, otters and other animals get fed, and it’s well worth seeing all of the 14 water tanks that faithfully re-create the geography all over the Pacific Ocean. On the world-class Ferris wheel which has a height of 112.5m, you will want to try out one of the four see-through gondolas whose walls and floors are all glass.

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