Minami (Namba)

Experience Osaka food and life in the commercial districts of Minami

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Minami refers to the shopping areas in Dotonbori and the area around Namba Station. This area is convenient for sightseeing for overseas tourists, as Kansai International Airport is easily accessible from Namba Station.
Namba Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Get a taste of Osaka

Dotonbori is the foremost example of commercial districts in Minami. Flour is used extensively in Osaka, which is famous for its wheat flour-based cuisine. Soul food in Osaka includes takoyaki, which contains octopus, and okonomiyaki, which is a fried mixture of cabbage, pork and flour. These foods are sold in many stores in Dotonbori, where you can enjoy eating tours and taste tests. People from overseas usually like this kind of flavor, so tourists are often seen enjoying taste tests. For people who love flour-based foods, we also recommend the Konamon Museum in Dotonbori, where you can eat takoyaki, which is the foremost example of such flour-based foods, and you can learn about its history. You can also try to create a memory of Osaka by making plastic samples of takoyaki. Admission is free.

Have fun shopping in the commercial district

The Shinsaibashi Suji Shopping Center near Shinsaibashi Station is a commercial district with almost 180 stores, including some well-established shops. It is a busy commercial district with such fast fashion stores as Uniqlo. The Sennichimae Doguyasuji shopping area supports Osaka’s restaurants. Here, you can find all kinds of kitchen accessories and cookware. General customers are also able to purchase items, including takoyaki pans. Kuromon Ichiba in Minami is famous for the sale of foodstuffs. America-Mura is a popular tourist attraction as it is the starting point for young fashion in Kansai. In addition to the rows of stores selling miscellaneous goods and Western clothes, flea markets are held in the Sankaku Park in the center of America Mura, where you will also find performances by young street performers aiming to become musicians and actors. America Mura, which is full of youthful energy, is located in west Shinsaibashi.

Developments in the Namba Station area

Developments around Namba Station are progressing. The shopping center Namba Marui, which features a cinema, opened in 2006, and Namba Parks, which includes a rooftop garden and cinema, opened in 2007. There are also other lively department stores in Namba, such as Takashimaya, where you can enjoy shopping and food. On the other hand, there are locations that have not changed in a long time and are loved by local people, such as the underground shopping center Namba Walk, which has been around since 1970, the Ebisubashi Suji shopping area, and Doguyasuji shopping area. Minami is the perfect location to experience the atmosphere of unrestrained power that is unique to Osaka.

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