Enjoy freshly deep-fried skewers of food such as meat, shrimp and asparagus

Kushikatsu is a dish of the common people in Osaka with a variety of fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables and egg placed through small skewers and deep fried. The crisp texture and sauce make for an excellent combination!

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6 years ago
Do not dip twice!
It's a good place to have a light meal and drink with friends. They have one specific rule; do not dip twice into the sauce! This is because the sauce is going to be used by other people, and it would be unsanitary to dip twice into the container. However, some places have started putting sauces in smaller bowls to make it easier for customers to get more sauce.
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6 years ago
Fried Goodness!
When visiting Osaka, among the foods you have to try you should definitely Kushikatsu. Why? Because why not? Who doesn't love fried food! And in this case you can all kinds of foods fried, from vegetables to meat and eggs or cheese! It makes the inside so soft and the outside so crispy! The sauce you get with it is one dip only, no double dipping! Usually you also get some complementary cabbage to dip. Kushikatsu is not expensive and you can order as much as you want and goes perfectly with a drink ;)
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