Okinawa World/Gyokusen-do Cave

Okinawa Prefecture’s foremost theme park known for Japan’s largest limestone cave

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Beginning with the country’s largest limestone cave, “Gyokusen-do”, there are plenty of spots to see. For example, the world’s one and only Habu Park where you encounter the poisonous “habu” snake, and Ryukyu Kingdom Village where you can experience the culture of Okinawa. It is one of the main tourist spots of southern Okinawa.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Sunday ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Adult: 1,650 JPY
Children: 830 JPY

Children are 4 years old up to junior high school age The above prices are for the free pass Gyokusen-do Cave & Kingdom Village: Adults – 1240 yen Children – 620 yen Kingdom Village: Adults – 620 yen Children – 310 yen Habu Park: Adults – 620
Okinawa World, Maekawa-1336 Nanjyo, Okinawa
(098) 949-7421

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A theme park that brings together all kinds of attractions

30 minutes southeast from Naha Airport by car, Okinawa World is famous for Gyokusen-do Cave, the largest limestone cave in Japan. The 1 million stalactites there are said to continue growing at a rate of 3mm every year. There are also various other attractions at the theme park including Habu Park where you can see the Habu Show with its poisonous snakes, Kingdom Village which has old houses that have been nationally designated as Tangible Cultural Properties, and Nanto Brewery which makes habu sake and local beer.

Gyokusen-do Cave – incredible nature created over the eons

The first exhibit to be opened at Okinawa World was Gyokusen-do Cave. Discovered as a limestone cave created over hundreds of thousands of years, it has been arranged to be sightseen by tourists. There are 37 types of stalactites in the cave which puts it at the top in the nation. But it’s not just the number but also the high density of them; there are a million stalactites within a length of 890 meters. The cave’s 5000-meter length makes it one of the largest cave systems in Japan. 4000m of the cave are usually not open to the public, but there is the annual Southern Island Cave Experience where you can explore this area in the summer only.

The many highlights of Okinawa World such as habu snakes, old residences and the Eisa Show

The world’s only Habu Park has the popular Habu Show which is held 5 times a day every day. Particular attention should be paid to the Habu Love Girls who handle the highly poisonous habu snakes. At Kingdom Village which is notable for its beautiful red-tiled townscape, you can experience traditional Okinawan handicrafts and culture within the old houses that have been nationally designated as Tangible Cultural Properties. Also the Super Eisa which is performed daily consists of arranged eisa dances that are an example of traditional Okinawan entertainment. The dynamic and boisterous performances are thrilling.

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7 years ago
Place for family and kids!
I went there with my family. We watched Okinawa traditional dancing and drumming show there. You can feel the different with mainland Japanese dancing and culture. Also if you have time, visit the limestone cave there, it is not so big though but enough for you to see the natural beauty!
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