Mihama American Village

A popular resort area with a symbolic Ferris wheel in the image of the American West Coast

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American Village was named after the fact that it was once used as a base for American military forces. It is the only place in Okinawa to ride a Ferris wheel. There are shops and restaurants, and it’s also known as a great place to see the sunset.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

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Mihama American Village, 16-2 Mihama Chatancho Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
(098) 926-5678

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A huge resort modeled after the American West Coast

Just 40 minutes away by car from Naha Airport, American Village is located along Okinawa’s main road, National Route 58, in the town of Chatan in the central area of the main island where it was opened in 1998. It is one large resort whose commercial facilities have expanded over the years. It was built as a model of a San Diego shopping mall street along the American West Coast with palm trees and brick streets adding to the atmosphere. On its huge grounds, there are 13 major commercial facilities including 2 hotels, a restaurant area, a shopping gallery, a nightclub, a theater complex and a bowling alley.

Enjoy a variety of shops and events

Carnival Park Mihama, which takes 15 minutes to get around and has a panoramic view of Chatan and the East China Sea, has a trick art museum surrounded by general goods shops and restaurants. With facilities including the distinctively designed buildings of Depot Island and American Depot which handles imported casual items and general goods, American Village has amassed various stores dealing in everything from Okinawan souvenirs to fashion. At Kalahaai, you can enjoy the live concerts of Okinawa nightly except for Tuesdays. The Rinken band holds Okinawan pop concerts every Saturday. Their popular performances require reservations.

Sunset Beach where you can see the sunrise and sunset

Mihama American Village is located in an area that is great for its views so being able to catch the sunrises and sunsets, its adjacent Sunset Beach is a particularly famous place to catch the sun set. From the Ferris wheel which has a height of 60m, you are not only able to see the sunset but also the beautifully lit up scene of the village from up high.

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