Harajiri Falls

The Niagara Falls of the Orient suddenly appears out of the countryside

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Harajiri Falls is a beautifully curved waterfall 120m wide. It can be seen from a variety of angles, from the top, the front, and the riverbank near the bottom of the falls
936-1 Ogatamachi Harajiri, Bungoono-shi, Oita
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A grand waterfall that emerges abruptly from the plain

This waterfall which suddenly pops up from the Ogata Plain carves out a beautiful 120m horseshoe at a height of 20m and is a famous site that has been called the Oriental Niagara due to its appearance of water falling over its wide span. It has also been selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls and one of Oita Prefecture’s Top 100 Landscapes. It is an unusual large waterfall emerging from a rural area which shows a gigantic monolith underneath the plain. Because of the great eruption of Mt. Aso some 90,000 years ago, the pyroclastic flow which had arisen cooled down and hardened to form a longitudinal crack in the shape of pillars which were gradually knocked down by the flow of the river to create the waterfall.

Spectacular views of the falls from a variety of angles

The low water crossing at the top of the falls is a walking path which can get very close to the edge of the precipice overlooking the falls, and when you see the collapsed volcanic rock, you can observe the process in making the waterfall. Furthermore, there is a wooden suspension bridge in front of the falls called Takimibashi so that you can view Harajiri Falls from the front. Descend to the banks of the river by the basin of the falls where you can also take an excursion by boat of the basin. Also visit the 73m-long stone bridge Harajiri Bridge built in 1923 with its 5 arches located 500m upstream from the falls. At the roadside stop, Harajiri-no-Taki, which is also a parking area right by the falls, there is a store and restaurant where you can buy Kabosu Soft-Serve Ice Cream which uses the citrus fruit of kabosu, a famous product of Oita Prefecture, and especially at the restaurant, you can dine on the regional cuisine of the prefecture which includes Dango Jiru (dumpling soup). There are also shrines and stone Buddha statues in the surrounding area so that with a rental bicycle from the roadside stop, you can leisurely ride through the countryside area.

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5 years ago
Simple yet offers relaxing vibe, good place for picture taking!
The place really looks like the usual natural scenery that you can find in countryside places of Japan except that the way it was being taken care of is impressive. I went there twice in different seasons (spring and fall) and yet it was able to offer unique views to old visitors. The falls itself is a must-see during the spring time where the water level is stronger and the tulips are in full bloom and during fall where the waterfall is less pristine than it used to during spring, the natural grown plants and small flowers around the area compensates for the other things that are missing. The place is also known in the area as a good place to buy natural honey. From the main road going to the waterfalls, just cross the hanging bridge and walk a little but up and you will find a small store selling premium quality honey ranging from 500-1,000 yen. Small events from time to time are also being held in the vicinity of the waterfall to entice the influx of visitors. From Oita City proper, it can take you approximately an hour to reach Harajiri waterfalls if you will take private transportation. With free entrance, it is worth a visit most specially during spring time.
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