Videos in Niigata

Yahiko Shrine

A shrine standing at the foot of a tranquil mountain. It is a power spot for love and good fortune.

Ponshukan, Niigata Station

Taste of 91 brands of Niigata sake right at the station. Enjoy the Niigata sake with a meal

Teradomari Fish Market

On the coast of the Sea of Japan is a fish market that prides itself on its fresh and reasonably priced products

Niigata Manga Animation Museum

Experience the sub-culture of Japan in Niigata city, the city of “manga” and “anime”!

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort

The ski resort is right there as soon as you leave the station! The Shinkansen (Bullet Train) has direct access

Okome no Gakkou (Rice School)

Enjoy learning about the delicious rice in Niigata Prefecture, Japan’s foremost area for rice

Northern Culture Museum

The grand mansion of the Ito family (landowners of the Echigo region) transformed into a museum. The garden and the art collection are first rate.

Niigata Senbei Kingdom

Niigata is famous for “senbei” (rice crackers). Here you can enjoy “senbei yaki” (roasted rice crackers)

Sake Museum Ponshu-kan in Echigo-Yuzawa

All of Niigata’s sake in one place! A place for Niigata’s “proud cuisine” with its popular sake tasting

Kaikake Onsen

Kaikake Onsen, known to be beneficial for the eyes, is a secluded place that has been around for 700 years

Untouan Temple

A quiet temple with a long history. Make your way there by firmly stepping on the stones on the pathway

Taiken Kobo Daigenta

Try your hand at making local dishes within the natural Mt. Daigenta area